All posters welcome

Sep 15th, 2017

Since we began designing posters in such a regular and time-restrictive way back in 2013, Poster Project has been something of a closed shop. Whether we’ve been three members strong, or 13, it’s just been us, designing for us.

This all changed with our exhibition last year – Beyond Words – where we ran a competition and invited people to come along and look at our work printed on actual paper with their own eyes. We bloody loved that, and it was at this point we realised that we ought to open up Poster Project to others who want to join in.

How we’d actually do that was something that dragged on and on with no answer. Until we just decided we don’t need a website built specifically for it (yet), we don’t need some grand idea, or fanfare, or anything really. Let’s just do it.

So, on 29 September we’ll announce the first open Poster Project word, with a deadline of 4pm on 13 October. All entries will appear on our Instagram page with credits, hashtags and everything.

After that? We hope to make this a regular thing. We hope to build a bigger and better website. We hope to start up Poster Project ‘evenings’ where people can come along and chat to us about their posters. Basically, we hope to open Poster Project to as many people as possible because – quite frankly – it’s brilliant fun.

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