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Food, glorious food (packaging)

Jun 6th, 2017

While perusing Design Week (that’s right, we’re designerds), we found an article about food designs, what designers think of them, and why they’re so important. So we decided to ask our very own artistic boffins what theirs are. It was…interesting.

Martin, Design Manager

creme egg

“I’ve always had a soft spot for Creme Egg packaging. Mostly because I bloody love Creme Eggs. But I actually like the naffness, impracticality and fiddlyness of the wrapping itself.”

Eggselent review there, Martin. (And we see what you did with the whole ‘soft spot’ thing.) But we’re not so sure Cadbury will be jumping to use that line in a testimonial or ad campaign any time soon.

Mark H, Senior Designer


“The Pringles packaging is great – it’s just a totally different way to package crisps. And the design really does encourage you to eat the whole tube. Once you pop…you really can’t stop.”

We feel ya, Mark. Once your hand gets lost in that enticing tube there’s no going back. Although we’ve discussed it and we think you might have a problem.

Andi, Account Executive


“Skittles packaging has been the same for as long as I can remember – it’s internationally recognisable. They’ve taken a really gaudy, diverse set of colours and made them appealing without looking tacky. In fact, they look bloody delicious! My size and shape at any given moment is directly linked to how frequently I’ve been faced with that packaging.”

Plus, we loved their Pride campaign last year.

Jo, Design Manager


“I have a particular fondness for gin… packaging. Silent Pool is stunningly intricate. Harris Gin sports beautiful glasswork. Pink 47 is gorgeously blingy. And Daffy’s apparently features Debbie Harry, which is never a bad thing.”

It’s important to note that Jo gave her quote surrounded by empty gin bottles. It also took her three hours to articulate and we needed four translators onsite.

Paula, Marketing Executive 

Tunnocks teacake

“Tunnock’s Teacakes are the best because I can make the wrapper into a tiny wine glass.”

Paula only said this because the week earlier she made a tiny wine glass out of a Tunnock’s Teacake wrapper and nobody cared.

So what’s your favourite food packaging? Tell us, and you could win absolutely nothing.

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