Incubating innovation

May 26th, 2017

BIMA Scotland (British Interactive Media Association) hosted their first breakfast briefing session of 2017, bringing together a panel of industry leaders to discuss incubating innovation, and how to foster entrepreneurial environments.

The panelists shared their thoughts and approaches on how to foster an environment to encourage and grow innovation within businesses and teams and how they each see innovations being used within the industry to garner business, aid clients and open new doors for businesses. Each panelist came at the idea of innovation from very different perspectives. Here are the three key points I took form the session:

  1. Innovation doesn’t always have to be ‘disruptive’ (*gasp*). Creating brand new products and services takes time and in an industry where technology evolves so quickly, you can’t afford to be behind the curve if you are trying to deliver a truly innovating disruptive solution. Innovation can be transformative. Being able to work with clients to aid them in reaching audiences in a new ways can transform their businesses, forging a new, innovative way for them to get their brands and products out their into new market places.
  1. Innovation isn’t always about the best idea you’ve ever had. If your new product or service is hard for your audience to understand, are you really offering an innovative solution to a problem? If your clients don’t ‘get it’, perhaps the solution you’ve created isn’t right for them? Within the digital media and design industry, your clients need to buy into your idea. If you can get them on board and excited about a new way of tackling something that works for their audiences and their brand, you’re going to help them deliver an innovative solution. Whether it’s integrating a CMR to their website that offers them insights into their audience in an autonomous manor or you’re launching a chat bot to help them reach new audiences.
  1. You don’t have to be the new cool kid on the block to be innovative. Innovation can be fostered in any team, within any business. Teams need to be allowed to try new things out, fail fast and take their learning’s into the next project. Without giving teams the freedom to collaboratively work together to try out new approaches, it’s hard for teams to create truly innovative approaches and solutions.

So if we’re delivering new solutions for clients that work well for them and their audiences, let’s shout about it! It’s very un-British of us, but let’s blow our own trumpets and show the great innovative approaches that are delivering results for our clients. Keep the positivity going within the team and ultimately the excitement for trying out new ways for collaboratively creative effective solutions.

Good at user research, digital strategy and singing unbelievably out of tune.