David has been working in the design industry in Glasgow since graduating in 2015. With a strong love for retro design, he enjoys experimenting with typography, pattern and illustration in his work.

Good Type

Dec 20th, 2016

Last month, I was lucky enough to be part of a cool typography exhibition at The Old Hairdressers called ‘Good Type’, organised by Glasgow lifestyle brand, Navarah. As well as having their own range of designs, they believe in working together within the creative community and collaborating with various artists and designers, which I think is really cool, not only for a brand — but in general. It’s a great opportunity for all those involved to not only work together, but also to learn and grow together through the experience.

The Exhibition night was really good fun to be a part of and it actually had a great turn out with support from everyone’s friends and family. The event also featured Andy Rogerson, Craig Black, Ciaran Glöbel and Rachel Millar (who recently gave us all a sign painting lesson) from Glöbel Signs, as well as the support of Dj Big Al keeping the vibes right with a nice mix of some classic 90’s hiphop playing in the background all night. Navarah even had a little pop up stall set up, with a range of cool stuff on sale like sticker packs, beanies and tees.







In a world where everything has become so accessible, fast paced and almost slightly isolated, some people seem to be more interested in how many likes they get on social media and are too busy comparing their lives with others. It’s sad that we seem to be forgetting how to socially interact with one another and how to just live in the moment, so the idea of encouraging people to interact with the work in a more physical way was a concept that I wanted to explore. With wonderful help from MAKLAB, I was able to experiment with various different techniques in order to achieve this for a few projects I had on display at the exhibition — you can check them out below.

One of the pieces I enjoyed experimenting with was this ‘Stay Grinding’ piece, which was part of a collaboration series with Re:ply Skateboards. Re:ply are another local company that recycle old skateboards into new shapes and cruisers, so the idea for this project was to try and represent the brand and their process but with my own little twist using some mixed media. This included using some typography laser cut out of griptape, as well as painting some fun illustrative letters on to some blank skateboard wheels to spell the word ‘STAY’. The whole design reads ‘Stay Grinding Every Day’ — something that relates not only with those who skate, but for anyone needing some motivation to carry on working hard and to better themselves.




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