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Oct 18th, 2016

For those who don’t already know, MAKLab is an independent, charitable organisation providing a network of creative spaces, resources and equipment which enables people to bring their creative ideas to life. MAKLab focus on “providing resources for people from all backgrounds, of all ages and all abilities to use making as a tool for social empowerment, regeneration, inclusion, economic growth and social capital.”

This weekend saw the launch of an emergency campaign to raise funds for the initiative. They need to collect £50k in less than a week, and with only a few days to go, they urgently need people to get behind their campaign.

The folks at MAKLab are asking the creative community and anyone who has used their services in the past to get on board and share their MAKLab stories using the hasthag #IamMAKLab. And of course, by making donations to ensure the future of the network!It’s an all-or-nothing call to arms—there are varying levels of MAKLab goodies to be had depending on the investment, and you get your money back if the target isn’t met.

Here at Front Page, we’re huge supporters of the work these guys do, and the services they provide, so we’d like to share a couple of our #IamMAKLab stories with you.

Front Page 25th

Last year, we celebrated our 25th year in business, and in true Front Page style, we put on a bit of a shindig. We held a party/exhibition to show off our collective creative talents, and as part of this, we created a light show, animating our event branding in time to music. This was all thanks to MAKLab, who helped us to laser cut our branding into boxes to project light throughout the night.



Kinda Spooky

Our Andrew had a great MAKLab day out with his wee boy Bruce. They had lots of fun creating a ‘kinda spooky’ monster. Bruce picked from a selection of pre-illustrated body parts to construct a monster, which was then laser cut out of wood. Bruce then got to colour in his monster along with the table, his hands and face (although we’re not sure that was part of the plan). All the monsters will be judged and the winning design will become a beer label for Drygate’s next community bottling. Good luck Bruce!


Any donation could really make a difference to this campaign, so go on, give whatever you can, and remember to share #IamMAKLab.

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