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Gaining Experience

Oct 13th, 2016

Last month, Sam joined the Front Page team for a week to gain some design industry work experience. Here’s his take on his time here.

Walking into the Front Page building on that first day, I was awash with nerves. What if no one likes me? What if I forget everything I’ve ever learned about Photoshop and have to sit staring at a blank screen for a week? What if I really can’t comprehend a word anyone says? (A few friends at Uni here mentioned this might be a problem.) I’d never been in a creative agency before, and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

I needn’t have worried. As I ascended the stairs and made my way to the top floor, I was greeted by the lovely Sam (great name), who sat me down and proceeded to explain what goes on in the building and what the plan was for my time here. Admittedly, I was clueless about much of what was said. Copywriting? I mean, I had a vague understanding of the definition – but not the foggiest as to what a copywriter would actually do. Oh, well. No point doing work experience someplace where you’d learn nothing new, I reasoned. I couldn’t wait.

I was put on the top floor with Jim, Martin and Kath on my first day, and no sooner had I taken my seat than I was offered a cup of tea, which made me feel right at home! Along with the cuppa came a brief: an Airstream had been converted into a Karaoke/Photo Booth (because why not?!), and they wanted the whole shebang. It was a fun little project, and it was perfect for making me realise how much my Photoshop skills had deteriorated since finishing Uni. But as a great man once said, “Thee who pays Adobe £20 a month, better bloody make use.” Probably Shakespeare.

I then moved down a floor and joined the Digital designers, Andy, Nick, James and Angela. Andy helped me transform the ideas I’d generated upstairs into more of an actual ‘thing’ – an app, to be exact. Who knew that apps required so much work? Apps seem so simple until you think about the number of different screens and navigational tools that are needed, and how they have to account for the denseness of our species.

Following a pattern of descent, I was then introduced to the lively world of the ground floor. In between the intense biscuit debate that was raging (the correct answer is custard creams, and no, Jaffa cakes are not biscuits, get out!) I was able to work on a poster for the incredible Poster Project that these guys do, which was great fun.

And that brings us up to date! I’ve had an incredible time here, Glasgow has been fantastic. I would recommend the GUU and £1 Jägerbombs – you can’t go wrong. (Yeah, don’t hold me to that.) Everyone I’ve met here at Front Page has been outstanding, and they’ve made me feel very at home. My only regret is not being able to stay longer. Special shout out to Sam for sorting me out all week and making sure I always had something to do!

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