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A labour of Lussa

Sep 27th, 2016

What’s not to love about a cool, crisp and thoroughly refreshing G&T?

The question is, which gin? New names are popping up all over the place. Bars are offering more choice. Supermarkets are stocking more brands. And the UK gin market is booming. But with multinational brands retailing at around £15, why would you fork out £38 for a little-known newcomer named Lussa?

Simple. It’s a question of taste. And adventure.

Few will have heard of Lussa Gin. But that’s hardly surprising; with just 480 bottles released in its first batch, the overused, and often misleading term ‘small-batch’ is, in Lussa’s case, somewhat of an understatement.

Lussa Gin takes ‘handcrafted’ to a whole new level. And as a writer, it was a joy to bring the brand to life. The proposition? ‘Jura in a bottle’.

So what makes Jura unique? What differentiates it from its neighbouring islands, Islay and Colonsay? Why would you choose a gin that is inherently Jura? …after talking with the gin’s creators – Claire, Georgina and Alicia – it all became clear (even with the obligatory tasting session; thanks guys). Home to the mighty ‘Paps of Jura’ mountains, immense raised beaches, numerous caves and the world’s largest whirlpool, the Corryreckan – Jura is the epitome of adventure.

And Jura’s first and only gin is a true representation of this wild and wonderful island. Its botanicals are grown, gathered and harvested here – and given the unforgiving terrain, that’s no easy task. Hills and woods are combed for Scots pine, birch leaves, and bog myrtle; sea lettuce is fished from Ardlussa bay; and prior to distillation, water is sourced from a spring in the Lussa glen. The resulting taste is quite unique. Lemon thyme and lemon balm give it a zesty finish that is perfect with tonic, but equally pleasurable with a drop of water.

The provenance of this tiny batch (and it really is), handmade gin was conveyed across all media. ‘An adventure in Gin’ is our strapline. The bottle features an intricately hand-drawn map of Jura; the website takes you on an intrepid journey of the island; and the homepage declares “We’re not just gin lovers, we’re adventurers”.

Lussa has, quite literally, boldly gone where no gin has gone before. Now you should go and discover it for yourself.

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