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Bring your dog to work

Jun 24th, 2016

Today, in case you didn’t know already, is bring your dog to work day, an annual, nationwide event that raises money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs. Across the country, businesses will welcome their employee’s four-legged friends into the workplace for one-day-only. This year, the chosen charity is All Dogs Matter, who rescue and rehome dogs in London, Norfolk and the surrounding areas.

Here at Front Page, we’re no strangers to having dogs in the office. In fact, we have two furry colleagues that join us in the office every day. But what are the benefits of having pets in the workplace?

Studies show that there can be significant health benefits to having a pet at work. According to the Blue Cross, 89% of healthcare processionals agree that stroking a pet can lower blood pressure and therefore reduce stress. Another study shows that dogs can boost morale and increase productivity. Dogs can also act as a social catalyst as their antics cause people to strike up conversations, and bond over a shared interest.

We certainly feel the benefits of having dogs in the workplace, and we wouldn’t change it for the world. Here’s our rundown of the best bits:

  1. Dogs brighten up even the dreariest of Monday mornings

Stan is the always very excited to come into work after a weekend. Watching him doing laps of the room and saying ‘hello’ to everyone, it’s hard not to crack a smile.

  1. They give you a legitimate reason to take a 10 minute break

Dogs need exercise, so weather it’s a quick game of fetch in the studio or popping to the park for 10 minutes, it’s a great reason to take a brief moment away from your screen and regroup your thoughts.

  1. They fill the awkward silences

Gone are the days of having to fill awkward silences with delivery drivers or contractors by talking about the weather – talking about the dogs is a lot more interesting!

  1. They’re great for Instagram

No matter how many images we put up of great design or awards we’ve won, it’s always the pictures of Stella and Stan that get the most likes – no fair!

  1. They make everyone jealous

Come on, admit it! Who doesn’t want to work with a dog?

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