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Takin’ care of quizzness

Jun 3rd, 2016

Here at Front Page, we’re proud to be a rather multitalented bunch. Many of us have creative pursuits and interests that transcend the skills we bring to our day jobs, and last night we added another string to our bow by taking second place at the 10th annual NABS music quiz in Edinburgh!

The yearly fundraiser for the advertising and media charity is always a hit, and the top prize hotly contested among a room full of eager, music-loving boffins from the creative industries in Scotland. Team ‘Queens of the Front Page’ (comprised of Jackie, Lulu, Lisa and yours truly), took an early lead thanks to a Prince/Bowie-centric round—two artists we all are particularly fond of—and kept up the pace throughout the evening to emerge in silver medal position, only eight points shy of the winning team!

Not only was the evening a huge success in terms of swelling our egos about our general music knowledge, it was a fantastic night for NABS, who raised over £5000 to put towards their amazing work helping people in the advertising and media industries across the UK. With an emphasis on personal wellbeing, NABS offers support to British creatives at every step of their career, with coaching, masterclasses, an advice line and more available whenever it’s needed. Since they are entirely funded by donations and fundraising, events like last night’s quiz are vital to allow them to keep doing the work that they do, and we were delighted to be a part of it.

So now that the fog of wine, pizza and dancing has cleared, we’re ready to start swotting up for next year’s event. Who knows, maybe we’ll even NAB the top spot…

(Yup, I really went there.)

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