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10 years of e-learning

May 16th, 2016

Here at Front Page we are very proud of our e-learning awards heritage and none more so than the multi-award winning Cruising For Excellence Online e-learning programme. Cruising for Excellence, or CFE in short, is the third immersive cruise industry standard in e-learning for Royal Caribbean®, Celebrity Cruises® and Azamara Club Cruises® used by thousands of travel agents not only in the UK but also globally in nine different languages.

E-learning, in the last decade, just like its precursor the internet, has greatly transformed the way we live, work and learn. Unlike the pre-Internet period, people can now decide where, when, what and how they learn as a result of newly developed e-learning technologies and applications, which continue to improve each year.

cruising for excellence infographic

One of the most significant developments over the past 10 years to e-learning was the influence of mobile technology around 2009. Smartphones, tablets, and similar devices flooded the market opening up new possibilities for how we learn on the go.

Cruising For Excellence would have had to rely on lower bandwidth internet speeds in the beginning, so any media viewed on the site would have had to be low resolution to cope. Can you imagine the images populating line by line?

It was quite basic to start with – simple slides containing images, text and some simple interactive elements accompanied by explanatory copy in a standard linear format. Start with an intro, some copy, end with a summary and then track the progress with a quiz.

The next incarnation improved, with the addition of media in the form of viewable images, downloadable PDFs, videos and games, culminating in the third immersive format that is currently in use today.

What does the future hold?

As is the way for everything nowadays, we don’t have the time to sit and dedicate lots of time all at once to take a long course. Instead we crave quick short burst “nuggets” of information that will stick quicker. To this end, e-learning now encompasses and includes even more immersive media in the shape of Google Street View, virtual reality through the use of Google Cardboard, and the use of Android and iPhone apps.

Cruising for Excellence strives to stay ahead of the game and is already in the process of being a trailblazer and adding to its tally of e-learning awards.

Watch closely as we work with them to bring the newest trends in e-learning to the cruise industry, continuing our 10-years-and-counting collaboration with Royal Caribbean!

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