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Egg-cellent Easter Marketing – 2016’s best Easter campaigns

Mar 24th, 2016

Households spend an average of £75 on Easter each year, and children in the UK receive an average of 8.8 Easter eggs. No wonder then, that this time of year we’re inundated with marketing campaigns from chocolatiers hoping we’ll pick their chocolaty treats over that of their competitors.

Whilst Easter still lags behind Christmas in the marketing budget stakes, for confectionary brands in particular, it’s still a key time of the year. Traditionally, Cadbury dominate the market, however, their market share has dropped from 42% to 40% due to Cream Egg-gate (a controversial recipe-change to the Easter-time favorite). It will be interesting to see how challenger brands take advantage of this going forward.

Here’s our top 2016 Easter campaigns:

  1. #AldiFavouriteThings

This 40-second TV ad is a spoof of Cadbury’s well-known ‘drumming Gorilla’ ad from 2007. The effectiveness of the Aldi piece speaks volumes for how iconic the original has now become and relies on viewers being aware of the original in order to ‘get it’.

2. #Chocolatehen

The star of Asda’s easter campaign this year is a giant chocolate hen, who struts her stuff to Tom Jones’ ‘Sex Bomb’.

3. #thebeaubunny

Hotel Chocolat’s ‘Beau Bunny’ is touring the UK this Easter, delivering eggs and freebies to those who pay him a visit. The campaign has been executed predominantly on social media, with customers voting for where the bunny will visit next, a great way to encourage engagement with the brand.

4. Cadbury

This year Cadbury continues their attempt to make their brand synonymous with Easter by hiding giant (and not-so-giant) eggs in different spots around the country. Most notably perhaps, the three eggs which slowly rose from the waters of Loch Ness looking like Nessie herself was emerging from the Loch.

All this talk of chocolate eggs has made us a bit peck-ish (sorry, last one I promise), we’re off to see if we can find ourselves a 30-ft chocolate hen…

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