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Apple March 21 launch event and a premium iPhone 7 Pro

Mar 16th, 2016

If you’re not an Apple fan I’m sorry, but being a long term Apple user and fan I just can’t help the overwhelming love I have for their shiny gadgets—especially the new, beautifully designed products Apple launch each year. Maybe I was secretly a magpie in a former life.

If you didn’t already know, Apple have an event coming up. They usually run at least two a year—one in March (which has subsequently been pushed back because of all the ruckus with the FBI) and a more substantial special launch event in September, where we expect to see major product launches like the new iPhone.

And if you haven’t read the rumours circulating the web so far, people are expecting the 21 March event to be the launch of an iPad Air 3, iPhone 6C/SE and a new line of Apple Watch straps.

The most anticipated products are the iPad Air 3 and a 4” iPhone 6C—or possibly renamed iPhone SE—which will take on the curved edges, and may feature Touch ID and an A8 processor.

I think Apple fans were originally expecting the Apple Watch 2 launch to be in March, to coincide with the original watch launch, which is rumoured to be re-released in September with sleep tracking, better health sensor technologies, a FaceTime camera and a case redesign.

I’m personally excited to see what the 4” iPhone will look like. No doubt it will look like the leaked renders we’ve seen on the web, a scaled down version of the current iPhone 6 and possibly available in a variety of anodised colours. There are definitely users out there who are calling for a more pocket friendly 4” model.

iPhone 7 Pro a premium addition to the line up

Now moving on to the much-anticipated iPhone 7, which will most probably launch in September along with a new Apple watch and many other lovely things.

New rumours have surfaced that Apple could release an iPhone 7 Pro, which could mean 3 possible versions of the iPhone 7: a standard iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and a new iPhone 7 Pro premium model. I know this is just gossip and speculation which has been filling the web, but all very exciting news for any avid Apple fan!

The iPhone 7 is rumoured to feature a redesign with a metal frame and a ceramic back, an edge-to-edge screen, wireless charging, better waterproofing and…no headphone jack? Hmmm.

Now, the points about wireless charging and no headphone jack all make sense for better waterproofing and phone thickness. I get it. But how will I use my jazzy sound-isolating headphones?

And what’s the iPhone 7 Pro? It’s basically a premium version of the iPhone 7 Plus, but featuring a more professional dual-lens camera and, as rumours suggest, is being pushed as a super-charged phone tablet/camera replacement.

I, for one, am very excited. So let’s watch this space. ⌚️📱🎉🎈

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