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Poster Project

Feb 17th, 2016

I joined Front Page at the end of September 2014 and in my first week – as I was exploring the office and introducing myself to my new co-workers – my eyes were suddenly drawn to a handful of amazing posters on display upstairs in one room. “What’s this about?” I enquired with excited intrigue. “Tell me all about what these are and what’s going on”. “Oh, we started up a wee poster club and these are from the last round” came the reply. I was then introduced to this inspiring creative initiative, the premise, the rules, the participants, the format…

“I want in! Can I be part of this?”

They invited me to submit a poster into the next round and I immediately returned to my desk downstairs to announce this exciting new project I found myself a part of. Before long a couple of others joined and Poster Project found itself growing. A website appeared, a Twitter account, Instagram, Ello; it was featured in a local magazine and a few blogs here and there. We “rebranded”, and exhibited a number of prints at the Front Page 25th birthday celebration that were all auctioned to raise money for charity (raising over £1,000).


What is Poster Project?
To put it simply it’s a creative force within Front Page consisting of nine designers who are given a fortnight to interpret a single word, chosen randomly from the studio dictionary, as an A2 poster. It’s essentially a creative break from the day-to-day and an opportunity to try out new things. To experiment. To leave your comfort zone. It’s also good practice for presenting your ideas or designs as every other Friday you will be talking the rest of the group through your rationale, process or story.


What are the rules?
As much as it’s for fun, it’s also a commitment and should be treated as such. If you’re in, you’re in. And if you drop out, you stay out. That said, if you’re struggling to meet the deadline it’s possible to put this to the group and more-often-than-not it will be agreed to delay the presentation a week (if they don’t agree you’d better pull the finger out though). The most important rule of all though is that enthusiasm is strictly mandatory.


Why do we do it?
As with most self-initiated projects, it’s a nice break from the norm that allows us all to create, design, collaborate and basically have fun without client pressures or restrictions. At the same time, the randomness of the theme selection means we’re kept on our toes. And what designer doesn’t enjoy a challenge? It’s fascinating to see how each person approaches and interprets the word differently, resulting in vastly varying results in a whole range of styles and techniques. Basically, it’s awesome!


I’ve been a part of the ‘club’ now for a little less than a year and a half and in that time I’ve produced nearly thirty original poster designs that are proudly part of this, now over 250 piece strong, Poster Project. But the most exciting part of the story is that this year we’ll be publicly displaying our work at an 8-week exhibition in Glasgow’s South Block. The exhibition will not only showcase some of our lovely posters and explain what we’re all about but we also want to encourage others to participate in some poster-related fun!

There will be an opening night with free drink and special guests as well as various workshops throughout the eight weeks for people to learn some cool print techniques and enjoy making posters as much as we do. So we hope you swing by and get involved at some point this summer. It’s going to be great!


Poster Project Exhibition
20 May to 8 July 2016
South Block, Glasgow

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