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The secret’s out!

Jan 8th, 2016

It’s January, and for music and design fans that can only mean one thing—it’s time for the grand reveal of this year’s Secret 7” list. Over its five-year journey the competition has become quite the cult event, with entrants from all over the world—including some famous faces—all vying for a coveted spot in the Secret 7” hall of fame.

The premise is simple: design a sleeve for a limited edition 7” press of one of seven carefully chosen tracks. 700 winners are chosen, and their designs are exhibited and sold for £50 each, with the proceeds going to a chosen charity each year (this time it’s Amnesty International UK). But, as the name suggests, there’s a catch. The song within the sleeve—and the artist who designed it—remains a secret until you actually buy the record. It’s all part of the fun; you get a great piece of art, a surprise song, and a warm fuzzy feeling from your charitable donation all rolled into one!

Naturally, merging art and music with competition and an element of gambling has proved a popular combination, with over 4,000 designs submitted for last year’s event. Of the 700 chosen, two were our very own Front Pagers Laura and Martin, who followed up on our Kath’s 2014 Secret 7” success! To have one representative in such a high-profile exhibition would be fantastic, but to boast three (and counting, hopefully) alongside some of the biggest names in design is really something special. You can take a look at their winning entries below.

This year’s song list was announced yesterday, and includes tracks by Glasgow locals Chvrches, soul legend Etta James and BRITS Critic’s Choice winner Jack Garratt. There’s also a toe-tapper from electro darlings Tame Impala, a forgotten gem from mod favourites The Jam, the competition’s first-ever instrumental offering courtesy of Max Richter, and John Lennon’s modern hymn Imagine to round off the 2016 list.

Team Front Page will be looking to add to their ever-expanding list of Secret 7” credits, so watch this space to find out if we make the cut—fingers crossed!

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