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Nov 13th, 2015

Just over a week ago it was all systems go at Front Page HQ, as we prepared to celebrate our 25th birthday. Now, seven days on, we’ve packed up the party poppers, stashed our glad rags away until Christmas and finally gotten over our hangovers. It’s safe to say our silver anniversary was a resounding success, and now that it’s over we’ve been doing a fair bit of reminiscing here at Front Page. It feels like only yesterday we were sending printed proofs to clients for their handwritten feedback, storing all our hard work on floppy discs, and spending hours waiting for the dial up internet to, well, dial up. How time flies.

In honour of our quarter century in the business, we’ve compiled a list of things we’ve been looking back on with more than a bit of chagrin, but which, at the time, seemed totally brilliant. Join us for a trip down memory lane, and get ready to cringe…

Things we thought were cool in the 90s that make us cringe today

Fax machines that were bigger than your little sister


They really were. They were huuuuuge, and once a fax had gone to your client and been returned with ‘alts’ it was virtually unreadable.

Milli Vanilli

milli-vanilli-600x450Aside from their crimes against fashion their songs were hopeless and they lip-synched. Truly embarrassing. Here’s the proof.



Remember these irritating little guys? Trying to keep one alive was harder than trying to spell the word ‘tamagotchi’ and they always made overly-dramatic noises when they eventually bit the dust, which was more often than not in the middle of the night. Inconsiderate jerks.

Rave ‘fashion’



Punk was bad enough and we’d just gotten over Goths when the second summer of love met us right slap bang in the face. This sort of gear might have worked after dropping a couple of tabs of ecstasy but for the rest of us it was visual hell.

‘I’M ON THE PHONE!’ Mobile phones for ‘Yuppies’

phone2The Motorola ‘brick’ was proudly sported by young men in pin stripe (nay chalk stripe) suits shouting into them in banking halls the length and breadth of Britain. But not much in Glasgow.



Seriously, did anyone ever own one of these? How do they even work? Do you text to them or what? The only people who ever seemed to really know the score with these flash-in-the-pan communication devices were TV doctors and over-protective American parents. Thank god texting came along and stopped us all from staring at messages on a tiny screen…

Fake tattoo jewellery


Anyone who was anyone wore these ubiquitous plastic chokers and bracelets (and even rings if you were particularly devoted) that resembled a tattoo. They came in a variety of colours, like neon and rainbow and some even had extra embellishments like beads (which would leave strange imprints on your skin when you took them off), but plain black was the original and best. In the last couple of years they’ve come back into fashion again, making those of us who loved them the first time round feel genuinely old for the first time ever.

Have we missed something? Tweet us your suggestions using the hashtag #FP25th and perhaps it will make it into our 90s Room 101.

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