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There’s a party going on around here

The atmosphere down at Front Page towers is buzzing to say the least, because IT’S PARTY TIME! Day zero has arrived and it’s finally time to dust off our dancing shoes and look out the streamers as we prepare to celebrate a whopping 25 years in business.

While couples celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary give each other silver, here at Front Page we’re a little more creative than that. We’ve whipped up a scintillating multi-media spectacular for our guests at SWG3 in Glasgow’s West End, from eye-popping prints and funky graphics, to a full-blown, custom built light show designed and produced by our amazing digital team.

We’ve also crafted our own cocktails, printed our own labels, designed our own displays and blown up our own balloons… well… with the help of a helium tank! (I must add that I had no involvement in this particular task, owing to my irrational and much-made-fun-of fear of balloons. It’s a thing, I swear. Globophobia. Look it up.)

We can’t wait to welcome our guests and start the festivities, so keep an eye on social media throughout the day for a behind-the-scenes peek at all the action! And if you’re coming along, don’t forget to tag the fun using the hashtag #FP25th.

Right, I’m off to help out—just keep those balloons away from me…

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