Jo Levy

Jo Levy

Design Manager

Party-planning to the power of 25

Things are reaching disco fever pitch at Front Page Towers. It is less than four weeks until our #FP25th bash on 5 November, and there’s a real buzz in the air as people up and down the building work on the various component parts.

We love a good party at Front Page, and 25 years in the business is certainly a celebration worth doing properly. With Martin (one of our Design Managers) co-ordinating, different teams have each taken on mini-projects to create what we hope will be one glorious, multi-faceted evening.

In pseudo-reportage style I caught up with the team leads, plus our co-MDs, to get everyone’s take on the whole process.

  • Martin—Co-ordinator: For me, the best part has been working with members of the team I wouldn’t necessarily work with day-to-day. It’s really brought the full place together for one common goal.
  • Mark—Who’s Who: It’s been hilarious looking back on everybody’s photos from 1990—in fact, it’s been impossible trying to keep a straight face…
  • Lulu—Signature Cocktails: I’ve had a great time working with all the team on such a fun and creative project. A definite highlight was cocktail tasting; it was a tough job, but somebody had to do it!
  • Kath—Poster Project Charity Auction: Decision-making isn’t exactly top-most in my skillset, so I’ve found it an agreeable challenge to whittle down over 200 amazing posters to just 12.
  • Paula—Photo Booth & Social Media: While the Photobooth may be a fun extra, it’s been great working with the rest of the team on all the social media to celebrate our 25 years!
  • Jim—Music: Non-stop pleasure. What’s not to love about sifting through crates of your until-now-forgotten vinyl that brought so much delight to so many people over the years?
  • Lisa—Project Room display: It’s been a great reminder of the creativity across the board here, not just from the ‘creative’ teams.
  • Clare—Lighting: It’s been fun going back to environmental interaction design, working with sound and light with the design and development teams.
  • Graham—Production: I’m involved in every project in some way—I’m the last staging post in most processes, so will be delighted to see the finished results and enjoy the night when it’s all done!
  • John—co-MD: I think it’s been great to see the whole team work together to help celebrate our 25 years in business. Even folks who have only been with us a short while have been enthusiastically contributing. It’s also been a reflective time to refresh our memories with all the amazing clients, and interesting and challenging projects we’ve had. It’s great to see how far we’ve come!
  • Jackie—co-MD: It has been hugely gratifying watching the team work so collaboratively and enthusiastically—we couldn’t have come up with a better team-building exercise. I can’t wait to see it all rolled out on the day.

Ah, I love it when a plan comes together.

As for me, I’ve been working on the huge 25-year timeline, to show how we got from there, to here. How do I feel about it? Ask me when the party’s in full swing, and I have a very large drink in my hand.

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