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The Customer Experience Revolution

Over the past few years, the term ‘customer experience’ has been bandied about when looking at the next big things in digital and online trends. Well enough of all the chitchat, 2015 and 2016 are the years for delivery!

In a recent eConsultancy survey, when asked what was the most exciting opportunity in 2015 vs. the next 5 years, customer experience topped the charts for both, closely followed by content marketing, mobile, personalisation and big data.

2015_digital -trends

eConsultancy – The Future of Agencies, September 2015


So what does this mean? As Russell Davies of Government Digital Services (GDS) puts it, usability trumps persuasion. (You can read more about Russell, his role within the GSD and a recap of his pursuit of better usability and user experience over at BrilliantNoise.com).

So how do we ensure that the customer experience is the crème de la crème, ticks all the boxes for the users and has them leaving feeling satisfied with their experience? Simple. Work collaboratively to bring together content marketing, analytics, usability, design and media.

Testing and iteration are key to creating a successful online customer experience. By analysing user behaviors via analytics and continually asking ‘what’s working?’ and ‘what can we improve?’, we can fix the issues that the analytics highlight and monitor.

So here’s to a future of great customer experience!

Analyse, test, iterate, repeat.

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