Art School isn’t the first place you’d think of for honing great writers. It worked for Jim though, who’s been copywriting since 2005 and still going strong.

Flash in the pan?

As a copywriter, I’ve never had a need for Flash. But having worked in a design and advertising environment for over ten years, there’s always been at least one Flash guru in the agency. Every agency needs one. Or so I thought. Just the other day I was informed that Flash is now irrelevant.

So what’s happened to it? Damned if I know, I’m a mere writer, who (until recently) thought Freehand was still a part of every designer’s armoury. So, rather than falling even further behind in this fast-paced era of ever-changing technology, I thought I’d do a little research on why it’s bye-bye Macromedia Flash, sorry, Adobe Flash.

Where better to start my research than with my Flash-using colleagues. Oddly enough, many of our web-designers still use it – but all agree it’s being phased out fast…

Flash is terrible for SEO, not supported by mobile operating systems (iPhones, iPads, Android handsets, etc), presents ever-increasing security issues, is exploited by hackers, Amazon no longer supports it, Firefox has blocked it, YouTube has dropped it as its default video player, TV and movie services such as Sky TV and Netflix stopping using it, devours battery life… the list goes on.

So, it would appear that this once mainstay of animated ad banners and online games is quickly being killed off by a bigger, badder, better looking opponent. Step aside Flash; take a bow HTML5 – the new heavyweight champion of the world. Gone in a flash? It would appear so.

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