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Snook at Gab – empathetic, people centric design

A few of the Front Page team were lucky enough to spend Thursday morning sheltering from the rain in the brand new, beautifully designed, Snook studio listening to their co-founder Sarah Drummond talk about her experience in the design industry. We were taken on a journey through various projects of both Sarah and Snook’s, and given an insight into how they work and the challenges they have faced along the way to become Scotland’s number one service design agency.

Sarah focused on the importance of design as a means of education with the ability to change the world and make public services better through turning traditional processes on their head. She highlighted ideas like ‘do tanks’ as opposed to ‘think tanks’, and a focus on testing and prototyping over theory to make sure the services we receive work the way they should. It was refreshing to hear from someone unwilling to compromise on this people-centric form of design, and who values the whole design process working with both client and customer to ensure a valuable – and sometimes game changing – outcome.

You can really tell that Snook live and breathe design, with side projects that have a social impact, like CycleHack, an annual event focussing on making cycling safer and more accessible. It went viral and won countless awards, spreading to 25 countries in only two years, which just goes to show that good ideas and passion really are infectious!

All in all, it was a great event and we came away feeling very inspired!

Thanks to Sarah and Snook for having us, and JamHot for organising a great morning out at Gab.

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