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G is for Google. But Y isn’t for YouTube.

Google Inc. posted a blog recently say it is no longer Google Inc. Google Inc. is now Alphabet and plain old ‘Google’ is now no more than a subsidiary advertising business, albeit a $400bn subsidiary.  It’s been commented that this was a corporate play to stop ‘Google’ imploding under the weight of expectation and the stifling of its enterprising spirit.

Google was becoming too unwieldy and was finding it increasingly difficult to innovate within its core business of advertising and search. There are only so many driverless cars that an SEO developer can develop after all.

And so now the new Google is let loose again to do no evil in as many advertising spheres as it can dream up and Alphabet can get to work on everything else without people asking “why’s a search company designing cars?”

So, look out for future development of its Drone delivery concept (next Easter?), its anti ageing Life science company (C is for Calico), its smart cities firm (S is for Sidewalk), the internet of Things developer (N is for Nest) and its distribution Network (F is for Fibre). It will be interesting to see what Alphabet’s 27th subsidiary company will be called, but Alcoholics Anonymous may be in the market for an exit by then – who knows.

It’s kind of clever really.

And the new name has a certain wryness to it; Alphabet, or Alpha-bet as I’ve seen in social media circles, allows the old Google to get back to what it was always good at – spotting an idea in its fledgling form and betting the house (an Alpha investment) on it.

So far so good.

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