It’s all in a DBA’s work

We were delighted to welcome the DBA to our newly decorated boardroom yesterday. The event was hosted by Adam Fennelow of DBA, who spoke to a good representation of Scotland’s design elite including, 4c, 999, Atom, Contagious, ourselves of course, ISO, RRD Creative, Stand and Tayburn.

What became very obvious after Adam’s excellent sharing of what DBA resources are available to members (there really are a lot) was that as a community, we are very poor at getting together and sharing problems, chatting about issues and just generally networking with each other.

This is particularly so in Glasgow (Edinburgh has Nadine Pierce’s BIMA gatherings and Creative Edinburgh as well as a strong focus by AMMO, DMA, DBA and IPA on the capital city). So, we resolved to share email addresses and do something about it because, as Adam quite fairly put it, that is not a reason to join the DBA.

However, accreditation, awards, case studies, benchmarking, legal and HR services, insurance savings, pro forma agreements are all opened up, free and unlimited, to members (one member actually saved more than the cost of membership through their savings on insurance alone).

So, if you’re an ambitious design company, irrelevant of size, take our advice (and follow our example); join the DBA now!

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